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Common Questions

What do I do once I have a video?

This is where my motto "Become part of the digital world" comes into play.

In the digital era we have things like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.

All of these platforms are a viable place to post your videos.   Whether posting for followers or running your video as paid advertising these are all great places to start.  Paid video advertising has never been more accessible to even the small of businesses.  Videos can cost as little as $1 per day on some platforms and can generate easy traffic to your business or product.

Does my business need a videographer? And why should I invest in video for my business?

The short answer is yes.  Video is the most popular form of media consumed on the internet.  That makes video the perfect media form to promote your business.   

Watch below to see more statistics and numbers found by various studies on the subject of why investing in video is good for your business.

Some things to think about

Video has become a leading form of advertisement and information gathering. People all across the world use video to determine if they want to buy a product or service.  That makes video the perfect investment for advertising your business.  A picture says 1000 words but a video is approximately 24 pictures per a second.  That's a lot of words!

There's no better way to give so much information to your customers in a short amount of time while also maintaining their attention with entertainment.

Good video presents the information that is important to your customer base.  Good video also makes things look exciting.  Exciting keeps attention.  Together we can make a visually pleasing and exciting advertisement piece to help your business thrive!

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